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Welcome to our website, based around the family tree of William Agar, born in the Lake district in 1782. Optional background music is provided and most of our data files are viewed using FlowPaper Desktop Publisher. This displays our PDF files in a flipbook presentation, which has useful print, download and zoom options.

The main features of our website is a detailed family tree and research projects relating to some connected family members 

Narrative guides you through each research project, accompanied by pictures of family members and  historic settings. The projects are also jammed full of relating documents such as birth, marriage, deaths certificates and Census records. The  Story section in the main menu,  provides shorter and easier to read biographies of characters in the more detailed projects. Under the Extras section, you will find what some Ager family members have been up to in more recent times.

Over the hills and far away
Mark Pigeon

Coldstream-guards left side dark jpeg.jpg

Agar/Ager variations were first recorded in the counties of Yorkshire and Northumberland. They are Anglo-Saxon in origin and derive from a group of Baptismal names meaning the son of Eggar or Eadgar (‘ead’ meaning ‘prosperity, fortune’ and ‘gar’ meaning spear. 

The data files for each subsection can be downloaded, and we are happy to send you the complete PDFs. Please feel free to email us on: geoff.ager@ntlworld.comYou can also contact us on our Facebook Page.

We are a non commercial website., but if you have found our site useful and would like to show your appreciation please donate to our chosen charity
 the Red Cross Ukraine Humanity Appeal.  

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