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Classic Piano

The "Next Generation 8"is based around the seven children of William Ager and Sarah Jane Cross.  William Ager is the third child of John George Basteane and Rosina Bliss.

Family names of interest that are mentioned: Ager, Basteane, Galvin, William Ager, Sarah Jane Cross, Mary Millie Amelia Ager, Alice Emma Ager, Walter Henry Collis, Fredrick William Ager, Annie Ager, Earnest Ashley Tee, Charles Robert Ager, Winifred Mary Harvey, Katheline May Tombs, Sarah Ellen Ager, Fredrick Lawrence Adams, John Samuel Ager, Winifred May Rice.

Screenshot intro.jpg


Screenshot 8 part1.jpg

 Part 1 PP 1-38

Screenshot 8 part2.jpg

 Part 2 PP 39-44

Screenshot 8 part3.jpg

 Part 3 PP 45-56

Screenshot 8 part4.jpg

 Part 4 PP 67-72

Screenshot 8 part5.jpg

 Part 5 PP 73-96

Screenshot 8 part6.jpg

 Part 6 PP 97-136

Screenshot 8 part7.jpg

 Part 7 PP 137-158

Screenshot 8 part8.jpg

 Part 8 PP 159 - END

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