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Happy Rain Song - Geoff Ager

We are a two man team researching  and publishing historic information relating to the family tree of William Agar. We also get help and feedback from Sheila Smart and Sandra Wheeler.  Both are Ager related family members currently involved in Ancestry research. Sheila lives in Florida, and keeps us up to date with all things American.  My wife Sue is our quality control  manager and makes sure everything "is as it should be". 

 Our main researcher Geoffrey Ager has produced a very comprehensive and wonderfully illustrated family tree, and interesting research projects relating to family members in the tree.    A lot of very colourful and interesting historical characters have emerged.  Of particular note is  Gladys Archbutt,  a famous Edwardian actor and performer who tread the boards on Broadway (New York), as well various theatres around Britain.

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There is also a military theme. Wiiliam Agar fought in the Napoeleonic wars, and Henry Gordon Bliss II fought in the American civil war, alongside General Custer. 

A lot of people were in or were involved in the British navy. One of the most notable in modern times was Kenneth Ager who arose to the position of Rear Admiral. 

Also, of notable interest is the story of Wendy Grant who represented GB in fencing at two Olympics. She is actually Geofrey's sister and now lives in Norway with her husband Derek.
You can find more information on Wendy's exploits in the story section. As well as her heroic fencing career, Wendy skills are now expressed in her love for playing and writing Norwegian folk music.

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I am Angus Ager and my main job is publishing over the internet. I came across Geoff when researching my own family tree, and during lockdown we somehow started chatting on the telephone line instead of online, and as they say "the rest is history".

We both hope you will enjoy using our website and find the family information and connections you are looking for.
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Geoff is also happy to send any complete PDF data file you have viewed.

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