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Wendy Grant's exploits in the world of fencing have already been documented in our story section. Here we look at others Ager family members who have an exciting story to tell.  I have started the ball rolling with my own midlife crisis at 39 when I started Triathlon. I have also added some picture and a video of Chris Grant and his brother Stephen. Chris has been involved for the last 12 years in Exteme sports and Stephen played rugby for the under 18 Scotland squad and later had some major successes in road cycling.  Chris and Stephen are the son of my sister Ellie McKenzie, all of whom live in Edinburgh.  Although Chris and Stephen shares the same surname with Wendy, there is no family connection, and you must not get confused as Wendy has also a son named Stephen.

If you have a similar story to tell please send us some information and we will try to get it on the site. It could be to do with music, literature, science, medicine or the armed forces as well as sport.

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When I was browsing pictures of my nephew's sporting achievement over the last 10 years, a number of fast upbeat songs kept coming into my head. This video is the result. Thanks to Chris and the team at Run Fitness Training in Edinburgh for the wonderful action shots and poses.

STEPHEN GRANT  - Under 18 Scotland Rugby and Cycling

Stephen played rugby at national level for the Scotland under 21 team. Although he may have been selected for the full Scotland squad, he decided to call it a day and focus on studies and a career in IT. Two of the pictures  show Stephen posing at Murrayfield with Scottish internationals.

Stephen Grant at Murrayfield.jpg
Stephen on his bike.jpg
Stephen Grant at Murrayfield 2.jpg
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